Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Inflammatory Bowel Disease Clinics

At Coastal Digestive Health we have both a Gastroenterologist (Dr Hans Seltenreich) and a Nurse Practitioner (Stephanie Buckton) who are highly experienced in the assessment, diagnosis and management of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. They also working closely with the Sunshine Coast University in providing their expertise in further medical/clinical research in Gastroenterology in particular IBD.

Dr Seltenreich is a highly skilled procedural endoscopist who has a special interest and many years of experience in the treatment of IBD. He has access to state of the art endoscopy and colonoscopy procedural rooms, in the private hospital at Birtinya,, and the day surgery at Cotton Tree. Hans also has several clinics at his rooms at Maroochydore.

Stephanie is a well renowned specialized IBD Nurse Practitioner, the first of her kind in Australia. She runs dedicated IBD clinics each week, has a telephone support line for our IBD patients, which means that our IBD patients or their General Practitioners can contact her directly for advice or to request an emergency appointment. Stephanie is a nurse advisor to the Crohn’s and Colitis Association in Australia and is well recognized across Australia as being an IBD advocate. As a key member of the IBD health community she participates in the publication of IBD patient information literature, supports IBD research and education as well as drives the agenda for raising the political profile of IBD.

We have admission rights to the Sunshine Coast University Private Hospital Kawana (SCUPH), the Sunshine Coast Private Hospital Buderim and Nambour Selangor Private Hospital. We have access to infusion centres for Infliximab and iron infusions in each of these hospitals, as well as access to the wider multidisciplinary team, such as specialist IBD surgeons, pathologists, radiologists, dieticians and psychologists, who are all experienced in assessment and management of IBD.

As well as traditional consulting clinics we offer telehealth clinics for our patients locally to the Sunshine Coast but in the future plan formalised telehealth medicine to patients living in more regional parts of Queensland. We also run regular patient support programs and community education forums for patients and health practitioners.

Our patients never have to wait long for an appointment. If you would like to arrange an appointment for a patient to see either Stephanie or Hans please refer via medical objects “Coastal Digestive Health” or via fax 54080901.